• $34.99

CHOOJ = BLUE (in Mayan); Is the color of the sky and sea. It symbolizes trust, strength, wisdom and loyalty.

  • Made using a single piece of Tzalam, one of the finest hardwoods found in the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Designed to fit comfortably in your front-pocket.
  • Has the capacity to fit 3-4 credit cards / ID + cash on the outside.
    • or as a business card holder.
  • 3 additional colors to choose from
  • Free shipping on all orders

  • We offer custom laser engraving for your wallet! Make sure to pick the laser engraving option when placing your order. Once the order is placed, we will reach out to you by e-mail to obtain your desired text/logo for the engraving.
We strongly suggest taking the time to read through our FAQ to learn more about our wallet.

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