6 Benefits of Using a Front Pocket Wallet

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Everyone knows that the wallet has been an essential piece of men's fashion. They provide an accessible way for men to keep valuables like ID's, credit cards and cash. For many years, wallets have been bulky, difficult to keep organized, and studies even show they cause back pains! So, here are 6 benefits of swapping out your old wallet for a more convenient front pocket wallet.

1. No More Back Pains!

“Sitting on your wallet is as much a health concern as walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off”, - Dr. Frank J. Martusciello

This is no news, for decades men have been using and sitting on bulky wallets. What they don't know is that it is a major health issue for the long term of your back. One of the most common issues is with the sciatica, caused by putting pressure on the nerves that exit the lower back which control and coordinate some of the largest and strongest muscles of our body. 

2. Your Credit Cards Will Last Longer

Having your wallet in your front pocket will increase the life of your credit cards until expiration date, basically because you will not be sitting on them. We all know what a pain it is having to go through the process of replacing credit cards! So, if you want your cards to make it to their expiration date looking like new, it's best not to sit on them on a daily basis.

3. More Accessible to Find the Appropriate Card

We have all had a bulky, unorganized wallet full of old receipts, gift cards, etc. Remember those times where you would have to go through all this stuff just to find that ONE credit card? Well, with a simple minimalist front pocket wallet you will not have to worry about this time consuming situation (because time is valuable). Reason? Simple, the minimalist size makes it impossible for you to collect receipts, making it more accessible to find that ONE credit card

4. Reducing the Chance of Being Pickpocketed

Wether you are at a crowded place like a subway, concert, etc. there is a bigger possibility of getting pickpocketed. Why? Well, when we are somewhere crowded we sometimes lose control of what is happening with your back pocket. Which is when strangers press against you and it is impossible to notice you are getting pickpocketed. This possibility of getting pickpocketed is reduced when you wear your wallet in your front pocket.

5. You Can Carry Your Phone and Wallet on the Same Pocket

 We all use our phone, keys and wallet in different pockets because we hate the fact that these will get scratched by the keys. Well not anymore, front pocket wallets, like ours, are so thin that you can have your keys in the one pocket while having your phone and wallet on the other. Great thing about it is, you will feel no bulkiness! 

6. Cash Free Society = No Need for a Regular Wallet

Technology is improving so fast that almost everything is getting digitized. Having Apple Pay and similar apps in the market are making payments from your cellphone more and more convenient and reliable. In other words, you don't carry much cash as you used to before, hence your wallet should reflect that too.

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